November 26, 2013

Table Leg Dragonflies and Butterflies Zebra, Pink Fleur De Lis, Chevron, Swirl, Metal Strapping Designs and More

pink spindle recycled butterfly
Update April 2016
I'm no longer creating the butterflies and dragonflies. Thank you!

It's been a few months since I've had a dragonfly post so I thought
I'd share the latest ones 

recycled butterfly art
This chair leg body with the pink fleur de lis wings
had little seashell eyes

pink butterfly wings
This design has been one of my most popular

table leg butterfly
Another pink butterfly version.

pink dragonfly recycled art
Of course, had to make pink fleur de lis dragonflies too...

hand painted pink and white fleur de lis
Greens, pinks and fleur de lis in white with swirls...

pink table leg dragonfly art
These had super long bodies!

recycled table leg peacock feather dragonfly
Another popular design...the peacock feather dragonfly...

hand painted peacock feather and animal print design
Edged in a little leopard print.

peacock dragonfly art
Then I did something a little different and cut an actual
feather shape for the wings on this Peacock Dragonfly

peacock feather shaped wings dragonfly
I liked how the feather shape turned out

peacock and animal print butterfly
I made a peacock feather with leopard trim butterfly too

recycled butterfly body with hand painted wings
vintage porcelain doorknob for the head and an aged
latch on the body.

recycled table leg dragonfly with metal wings
This one was a custom order and it was super big, 
about 3 1/2 feet wide

vintage door knob in art
I added this vintage metal knob at the tail

table leg dragonfly with metal wings
I made a regular size metal strap wing dragonfly for the shop

metal strapping for dragonfly wings
I aged this metal strapping myself using my technique I wrote about

whimsical dragonfly recycled art
I went bright and funky with this colorful dragonfly

He has a porcelain vintage door knob for his head...

And a colorful ceramic knob at the tail

hand painted colorful design
I love all these colors together.

table leg dragonfly recycled art
These next two were also custom orders...

recycled dragonfly art
She had specific colors and patterns for her dragonflies.

Starry eyes...

corrugated metal wings for outdoor art
Bright bodies...

Aged corrugated metal for the wings on one of them.

hand painted zebra butterfly art
I've had three zebra butterflies lately.

recycled keys in art
This one has a latch on the body and metal keys for eyes.

hand painted zebra design
Another version...

A ceramic knob at the tail...

zebra wing dragonfly
I've got zebra dragonflies too

This one has a studded body

twisted spindle dragonfly art
This is such a cool twisted spindle on this dragonfly

I ended up adding little metal beads to it as well.

leaf wing dragonfly
I've made this style before. It is a lady bug wing dragonfly

ladybug detail on dragonfly wing
A cute little ladybug painted on the wing

recycled copper tubing on dragonfly
I used copper pipe for his antenna

recycled purple and green dragonfly

fork antenna on dragonfly
Funky fork antenna

hand painted purple swirl designs
I painted the design then added a brown wash to 
tone it down and give it an aged look.

ikat dragonfly
Last one!

This is actually my very first venture into chevron or ikat print look

hand painted ikat on dragonfly wings
Thank you for sticking through all the pictures and taking a 
look at all my dragonflies!

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November 21, 2013

Angel Sculpture Made From Repurposed Wood and Recycled Pieces PLUS How to Make your own Beaded Wood Trim Tutorial

repurposed balustrade angel
 She's large, almost 3 feet tall, and I created her 
using lots of repurposed and recycled bits.

This is the fourth angel I've made. It is so much fun 
to me to combine all those random pieces and come up with 
something unique and beautiful.

recycled pieces used to make art
It started with this pile of stuff, some I ended up using, some not,
but the main piece was a huge wooden balustrade that one 
of my sister's gave me.

Here is the wood balustrade for the body, on top of that is a wooden 
fluted furniture foot and on top of that is a round wood furniture foot for the head.

I used my last two pieces of the wood with the carved detail for the wings.

recycled angel art
I joined the wing pieces with a galvanized metal star that was once a lid to a candle...
I knew I would use it one day.

wood base for art angel
To make it sturdy, I made a frame for the base using scrap lumber
cut with miter saw and screwed in from the bottom.

spackling paste for texture in art angel
After the main body pieces were assembled, I brushed on a base coat of tan paint.

This time, instead of using my normal block painting technique for the layered paint look, 
I took a short cut and applied spackling paste randomly on the body... that's the white
areas in the pic. I rubbed it on with my hands and with a putty knife and let dry.

easy distressed paint treatment
When the spackle is dry and you can start brushing and layering paint. 
Your brush will naturally grab onto the bumpy areas and you are are
just that much closer to a wonderful aged finish.

block painting technique
After I brushed on the green, I block painted 
adding a few more colors here and there.

I have several different sizes of blocks I use, depending on the 
area, and I just wipe them off and reuse them.

thickened paint perfect for layered paint technique
If you have globs of thickened paint in containers
that you would normally throw away, don't.
"Globby" paint is perfect for this technique.

This is after all my base layers of paint, ready for the next step...

architectural angel mixed media
I started adding white paint to the body... you can also see the layered 
teal, green, turquoise and white I added to the base.

using beads to create beaded wood trim look
After the white was applied, I decided the body needed a little more detail.
I used a technique I've done before using plastic beads and spackle
to create a carved, beaded wood trim look.

dresser with faux beaded wood trim using spackle and beads
This is a dresser I did years and years ago, one of my niece's has it now. 
It had a grooved recess around all the drawers. I glued 
the plastic beads in the groove, covered with spackle and painted.

faux beaded wood trim on furniture
It adds lots of interesting detail to a piece.

diy carved wood bead trim using plastic beads and spackle
Once it's all painted, I think it looks pretty authentic!

mixed media art angel with faux wood bead trim diy
On the angel, I glued the beads on in two areas using hot glue...

using beads and joint compound to create wood bead trim look
I used Flexall (flexall has been discontinued), because it's what I had on hand.
I've also done this technique with spackle or joint compound as well.. 
You just smooth it over the beads, creating a thick layer and let dry.

wood trim look with joint compound and plastic beads
When it's dry, sand down to create a smooth finish and paint.

Of course... I had decided to add this after I had 
painted everything, so I had to go back and redo the 
painting on that part!

before and after faux wood bead trim using plastic beads and joint compound
This is how it will end up

For the bottom of the balustrade, I added studded fleur de lis...

studded fleur de lis using thumbtacks
I started with fleur de lis wood cut outs bought on Mardi Gras clearance.  
I layered them with spackle and paint for a rusty look then 
added painted thumbtack "studs" to add a little more interest.

I love my thumbtacks, I've used them on 

aged aluminum flashing
For the wavy metal trim on the body, I used squares of aluminum flashing.

wavy metal strips
I had oxidized the sheets in one of my making things rusty and aged batches
and used wavy scissors to cut strips.

rusty lamp piece on angel art

The halo started as a rusty piece of metal from a lamp...I promise that's
paint under my nails. I hammered it flat and coated it with poly to 
darken the rusty part then lightly brushed a little teal paint.

I ended up swirling a little bit of starry wire around the halo as well.

mixed media wooden angel sculpture
I don't have a pic, but at the end when it was all painted, I added a wash of thinned 
brown paint to the whole piece and wiped off excess to tone the whole thing down 
and a coat of satin poly.
I screwed everything in from the back and she was done ;)

wood angel art sculpture
I really love how she turned out. She would be lovely at 
Christmas or left out year round.

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Thank you so much for checking out my angel!

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