Hand Painted Large Finial Style Designer Christmas Ornaments, Black and White Checks, Stripes, Leopard Print and Dots

hand painted set of large 10" finial christmas ornaments with black and white checks
You know I love painting this style of ornament!
I'm just crazy about the black and white and the whimsical combination 
of the different patterns and colors.

This is a set of 10 for an order, they are very large, about 10" long
and about 6" in diameter.

hand painted designer paper mache christmas ornaments
You might remember this batch of ornaments I painted a couple of months ago,
or my other set of giant ornaments from a year or so ago.

I was completely out of the large paper mache ornaments I had used previously,
but had scored these large 10" ornaments from a friend of my Lucy Designs Facebook page.

My friend had bought about 20 of these from a closeout sale, all new with tags. 
Some had a little damage or were scuffed up but I knew I was going to repaint and 
rework them anyway, so it worked out great.

hand painting large christmas ornaments
Here they are all primed and with their base coats...

hand painting large christmas ornaments
a little further along...

hand painted large finial style designer christmas ornaments
And this is how they turned out.
I hung them on my mantel so I could snap some pics.

hand painted large 10" christmas ornament
Checks and dots. 

I ended up adding different finial pieces at the bottoms of some of them
 like I showed you on my other Christmas ornaments

hand painted finial leopard print christmas ornament

hand painted stripe ornament
Stripes and dots...

hand painted large black and white check designer ornaments
More checks!...
Inspiration taken from that famous designer ;)

large hand painted ornaments leopard, dots and checks
Big dots, checks, and animal print...

hand painted finial black and white stripe ornament
Black and white stripes

hand painted finial black and white check designer christmas ornament
And another pretty checked one.

large 10" finial style hand painted check ornaments

hand painted large finial style animal print ornaments

hand painted designer black and white check designer christmas ornaments
I'll be shipping these out tomorrow so she'll have them
in time for Christmas!

Thanks for scrolling through and checking them out.
But don't leave yet, keep reading!...

hand painted black and white check with animal print Christmas ornaments
Since it is the Christmas season, I can't think of a better time to give a
little something back so I'm gifting this set of hand painted 
Christmas ornaments on my Facebook Page

To enter, leave a comment or just say hi on this Facebook post/photo.
On Thursday, December 12th, 2013, I'll choose a number from the total number 
of comments and send them out to the winner. US only please.

Merry Christmas from me to you!

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