December 21, 2013

Molding Christmas Tree Sculptures Using Re-Purposed, Recycled Picture Frames and Decorative Molding Pieces

Christmas trees using picture frame molding scraps
Update December 2016
I'm no longer creating the molding trees. Thank you!
My latest set of Christmas trees made using recycled molding
and picture frames.

decorative molding and picture frame trees
I also made this set recently for another customer.
Just like real trees, no two will ever be the same.

picture molding Christmas trees
This is very first set of picture molding trees I made last year.

picture frames and decorative molding scraps
They all start kind of like this...with a pile of decorative molding
and picture frames.

picture molding christmas trees
Here they are assembled and ready to paint.

using recycled picture frame molding
I love all the detail in the molding!

decorative molding using upholstery tacks
I'll even use plain moldings but dress them up with upholstery tacks
like I did with the little flower tacks here...

decorative molding and upholstery tacks
... or here on this one I used a strip of upholstery tacks on the plain molding.

dty beaded molding

use beads and joint compound to make molding
You could even use the bead and joint compound trick I shared on
my architectural angel post if you have pieces of molding that are
just a little too plain.

recycled repurposed christmas tree art using picture molding
They are made to lean against a wall or on a mantel, 
I just have them propped against my Christmas gifts
while I take photos.

picture frame molding christmas trees
They are quite large and make a great impact with your decorating, 
the biggest of the three is usually around 2 feet tall.

reclaimed repurposed recycled picture frame and decorative molding art
I love this one with the oversize trunk, it might be my fave.

using picture frame molding pieces and scraps
Thank you so much for stopping by and checking out

Update December 2016
I am no longer creating the molding Christmas trees.Thank you!

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  1. These trees are just beautiful!!!!!

  2. Lucy, You are absolutely awesome to share your insights in a tutorial with us. I get so many ideas from you. I hope your new business venture is booming for you! I admire you a lot, it takes a lot of discipline to stay busy at this when you are self employed. I find myself getting sidetracked soooo often. Keep up the great work, You are very talented and innovative!


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