Hand Painted Large Leopard Animal Print Christmas Ornaments and Picture Molding Christmas Trees

large finial style leopard print 10" ornaments
Yep! I know it's one month after Christmas, but I had two orders come 
in for Christmas related items so I figured I would share them now
before we get too far in the year.

hand painted large leopard print ornament
This was my third order of the large hand painted ornaments
for this year and I never get tired of making them.
They are about 10-12" long and I really love doing all the detailed painting.

hand painted paw print dog ornaments
I even had an order for painted ornaments for a pet shop once...
so fun painting all the different designs and patterns.

hand painted black and stripe finial ornament with animal print
Just like my last batch of Christmas ornaments or the large paper mache ornaments
I combine different pieces and parts to create my own unique look.

large hand painted leopard print ornament
I found these large molded ornaments this year but painted every
square inch of them and added my own colorful ribbon hanger.

This customer wanted all of them to have animal print...
gotta love that!

hand painted large leopard finial style ornament
She wanted me to add other colors and designs on them as well.

large hand painted christmas ornaments
This was for a set of 11 and I'll be shipping them out tomorrow.

things to make with picture frame molding
I also had another order for a set of the picture molding trees.

hand made picture molding tree
In my last post on the other sets of Molding TreesI made this year, 
I mentioned that I wanted to add stands to them so 
they would be free standing... and that's exactly what I did this time. 

christmas tree made from picture and decorative molding
I like it much better, they are more versatile I think.

decorative and picture molding christmas tree art
Don't you just love all that detail? 

picture molding christmas trees
You can see this set of molding trees and lots of other pieces in my 
Etsy shop.

Thanks so much for checking out the last of my holiday orders!

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