April 22, 2014

Hand Painted Trays, Doggy Dining Table, Wood Hearts, Painted Apron, Recycled "Whatever" Sign, Hand Painted Wine Glasses and Faux Mercury Glass Projects

giant hand painted veggie chargers
I've had quite a few random projects in the blog post queue to share 
and decided to combine them in one post. Be prepared for lots of pics!
Giant Painted Veggies
First up are these giant hand painted veggie chargers.
They are huge, about 18" diameter. 
I found the metal plates at a thrift store and repainted them.
I chose 3 of my fave fruits and veggies for the designs...

painted veggies on metal chargers

hand painted charger on metal thrift store plate

hand painted artichoke metal charger, recycled thrift store find
and artichokes. Yum!

animal leopard print with silver dog dining table feeder stand
Next, I had an order for a custom doggy dining table. 

This is the customers sweet little dog and the doggy table that she
wanted duplicated, or something similar, in the background.

hand painted leopard print raised dog feeder
Leopard print...

hand painted doggy dining table with animal print
And burnished metal look feet.

hand painted doggy dining table with bones, stripes
I used to make these doggy dining tables a lot in the past
but this was back in the day before digital cameras.
This pic shows a few of them.

hand painted animal print and check hearts
At Christmas, a customer contacted me needing a couple of 
hand painted wooden hearts for a collage she was working
on for a gift.

hand painted wooden Valentine hearts
She had seen my hand painted Valentine Hearts I had made but
needed a 4" size in specific colors.

They are painted on the sides in stripes...

hand painted leopard print heart
One is leopard with Pink Crown...

hand painted pink and cream check wooden heart cut out
And the other, a pink and cream check.

hand painted apron with flowers
Next up, is a hand painted apron.
I've done a lot of projects with painted fabric.

hand painted canvas apron with free form roses
I needed a gift for my Mom and created this hand painted apron 
for her. She loves flowers and yellow is a favorite color.

hand painted apron with flowers and checks
I used a plain canvas apron and painted free form flowers
with metallic gold vines and leaves and deep red checks on the edges.

hand painted canvas apron
It turned out pretty cute and she loved it :)

hand painted fun and funky sign "whatever"

hand painted sign on repurposed drawer front with beads and wire
A funky little sign painted on a recycled drawer front...

hand painted fun polka dot "whatever" sign
Hand painted lettering...

recycled wooden piece on hand painted sign green art
Repurposed piece from a wooden chair at the top...

beads, glass beads, wire Peking opera masks
Wire, glass, beads and little Peking opera mask faces...

hand painted beaded funky sign
Recycling at its finest.


I wrote a post on how to create your own painted wine glasses 
but if you aren't up for that, visit my Etsy store
to purchase a set of Peacock Wine Glasses.
Sold out and I'm no longer creating the glasses. Thank you!

hand painted wine glasses
Gorgeous greens, teals, blues and touches of metallic gold. 

hand painted peacock wine glasses
They look beautiful from every angle.

hand painted peacock feather design wine glasses
Even water tastes better from a pretty glass!

plain glass jars to mercury glass
Last project.
If you follow me on Facebook, you may have already seen this pic.

clear glass jars to mercury glass using spray paint
I had a set of glass jars and decided to try the 
faux mercury glass technique that you've all seen on Pinterest

spray paint supplies
I already had the Krylon looking glass paint on hand. You also need 
a spray bottle of water and it's always a good idea to use a respirator 
when spray painting. 

faux mercury glass with spray paint
It literally took like 10 minutes. I lightly misted the inside of 
the glass pieces with water then immediately sprayed the 
looking glass paint. I did a couple of coats on all. Done.

mercury glass on clear jars with spray paint and water
They have that nice mottled mercury glass look 

faux mercury glass jars using spray paint
I like how they turned out!
Thanks for taking the time to check out all these random projects.

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April 19, 2014

Table Leg Butterfly Art Decoupaged with a Vintage Print, Pink Fleur De Lis Butterfly and Dragonflies, Zebra Dragonfly, Flower Dragonfly

table leg butterfly with vintage print
Update June 2017
I'm no longer creating any dragonflies or butterflies.
I appreciate all of your past orders, thank you!

It's spring time and I've been adding a few table leg butterflies and dragonflies 
to my Etsy shop, they make great Mother's Day gifts! ;)

vintage lady in red dress print
When I was taking picture frames apart to use for my Picture Molding Christmas Trees
this print was in one of them and I just couldn't throw it away.

decoupaged table leg butterfly wings
I decided to decoupage parts of the image to my butterfly wings.
I left the edges rough and added painted gold swirls.
The print had some creases and imperfections but I think
that only adds more character to this piece.

recycled butterfly general finishes milk paint
Gosh I love that paint. It goes on so smooth and distresses beautifully.

I cut and bent an embossed serving fork for the antenna
and added glass bead eyes...

recycled butterfly art sculpture
Along with more huge glass beads and metal pieces at the tail.

mixed media butterfly sculpture art
I love how she turned out!
Since it's decoupaged, it's indoor use only on this butterfly.

mixed media butterfly sculpture
I created a few more of the pink and fleur de lis designs.
This design is definitely one of my most popular.

recycled shower curtain rings mixed media
I used glass bead eyes and beaded antenna, aka... shower curtain hooks.
She's already sold.

repurposed table leg dragonfly and butterfly art
I also made two dragonflies in the same design...

hand painted dragonfly
This pink dragonfly has a loooong swirled spindle body with
a wooden finial at the tail

pink fleur de lis Parisian designs

ceramic knob peacock
It has a bird design ceramic knob at the tail...

table leg spindle dragonfly wall art
It also has a seashell button and embossed metal antenna.

dragonflies recycled garden art
This pair was a custom order...

table leg recycled garden art
She wanted one bright and colorful...

table leg dragonfly recycled art with flowers
I painted a striped background with a big pink flower
and swirling vines and leaves.

repurposed recycled art table leg dragonfly
fun seashell and glass bead eyes with swirly antenna...

table leg dragonfly body
I added a ceramic knob at the tail and white upholstery tack
"polka dots" on the body

table leg dragonfly with layered paint wings
The other one had a layered paint finish on the wings...

spindle dragonfly with recycled elements
Corrugated metal eyes and a vintage sliding lock.

spindle zebra dragonfly recycled art
I also made this zebra dragonfly with a distressed turquoise body

embossed metal on table leg dragonfly
I added embossed metal on the body. I found a roll of it 
at Hobby Lobby 

spindle dragonfly turquoise
Another embossed metal strip at the bottom

table leg dragonfly with zebra wings and turquoise body
Thanks for checking out all my new designs!

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