Mermaid Wall Art New Design, Wood Mermaid Vertical Style Beach Art, Two Sizes with Sea Shells and Glass

mermaid art
I created a new style of  mermaid art and wanted to share with you.
Actually I created it towards the end of last year and I'm 
just now getting around to blogging about her!

Note ~ This post was originally published April 2014
and has been revamped and updated with new
photos to represent my current mermaid styles.

I wanted to offer a more vertical style mermaid
to fit different wall spaces.
She's 4ft tall and 41" wide 

Lucy Designs mermaid art
Same concept with shells and texture, just a different body style.

large beach house mermaid
This is the other mermaid style I make...a more horizontal version.
I offer this style in small, medium and large sizes.

seashell large mermaid art
I used lots of mixed shells sprinkled with crushed blue glass chips.

stained glass mermaid wall art
I also made a stained glass mermaid in the new style
using light blue glass.

mermaid coastal art
Shown hanging in my home to get an idea of scale.

stained glass mosaic diamond pattern
I love the glass on this one, it's kind of a diamond, harlequin pattern.

mermaid art beach art
Flowing hair with shells and starfish

mermaid with shells

mermaid wall hanging
Hanging in a room

sparkly mermaid art
Then I made her with crushed glass..

mermaid and starfish art
Mixed shells with pink glass...

mermaid with striped tail in crushed glass
And a version with a striped glass tail!

mermaid with glass mosaic tail
She had mixed shells for her bra top.

boxes of seashells
I recently hit the seashell mother lode on Craigslist so I'm set with 
sea shells for a while.
They were all cleaned and organized, I was pretty excited!

mermaid wall art with shells and glass
Thanks so much for taking the time to check out my mermaid wall art!

See all the styles and lots more in my Etsy Shop,
visit me on Facebook and Pinterest too


  1. Happy birthday! Looking lovely at 50!

  2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY FOXY LADY! Love your new creation, and hope your day off is fabulous!


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