August 17, 2014

Octopus, Seahorse and Sea Turtle Wall Art, Stained Glass and Seashell Mosaic Sea Creatures

octopus shell art
Update May 2017
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Hi All. :)
In addition to being in full swing mermaid season, I've been
busy creating other sea creature pieces this summer.

octopus art
This giant 4 ft octopus is made with the same body style of my 
mosaic octopus, but covered in shells instead of stained glass.
Sold out, I'm no longer making the shell octopus.

octopus art
I used round mother of pearl donut beads for his "suckers". 

sea shell mosaic on octopus art
Every square inch of him is covered in a mixture of 
beautiful seashells, barnacles and coral pieces.

Octopus face

octopus art shell mosaic
This octopus would look incredible in a beach house, bathroom or anywhere
in the home.

large seahorse shell mosaic wall art
I made a large 4 ft seahorse in the same 
seashell "mosaic" style.
Sold out, I'm no longer making the shell seahorse.

shell mosaic
The seahorse body has huge white scallop shells with a mix of other shells. 

I tried to keep most of the shells in the white family on this piece
along with iridescent mother of pearl pieces...very pretty.

Here he is on the wall for an idea of scale.

hand made sea turtle shell mosaic
His companion is a 3ft sea turtle shell mosaic.
Sold out, I'm no longer making the shell turtles.

sea turtle art hand made
I used wonderful natural cockle shells on his back.

large stained glass sea turtle art
This stained glass mosaic sea turtle was something I made 
a while back and realized I never posted about him.
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stained glass mosaic sea turtle
I cut the shape out of wood and applied the hand cut
stained glass in shades of green. 

large mosaic octopus
I've made 3 more of the stained glass mosaic octopuses.
Sold out, I'm no longer making this exact body style of the 

stained glass mosaic octopus
After making these last two, I wanted to make a 
different style of octopus and came up with this version..

blue mosaic octopus
Lots of swirling tentacles on this octopus.
Sold out, I'm no longer making this body style in the octopus mosaic.

octopus wall art
I tried to give the illusion of dimension with the tentacles 
crossing each other

octopus beach art mosaic
I used the same color glass in a cool blue/green mix.

large octopus art
He's pretty big, quite the statement!

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That's all for today...see you next time!


  1. Beautiful. You have inspired me to get back into doing stained glass and I love your "sea" creatures as my home is coastal. Thank you.

  2. I love your designs. What did you put the seashells on. Did you use a piece of board?

    1. Thanks Bubbles! Yes, I cut my own shapes out of wood.


I've moved to to focus on my mosaic art. I'm no longer creating dragonflies or mermaids.

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