Hand Painted Christmas Ornaments Black and White Checks, Stripes, Animal Print, Large Whimisical Ornaments

tomato cage topiary Christmas tree with hand painted ornaments
For the past 4 years or so I've painted giant whimsical 
Christmas ornaments and this year is no exception.

I got one of my tomato cage topiary trees down from the attic 
to photograph them.  I made the topiaries almost 6 years ago 
and they are still going strong.

hand made large ornament shapes
Since I rework new shatterproof ornaments and create my own, each year the
shapes are a little different and these are the shapes I came up with this year.
Large 6" and smaller almost 5" diameter. The lengths vary from 9-11" long.

hand painted whimsical animal print ornaments
You might remember these versions from last year. 
I even show you how I made them in my whimsical Christmas ornament post.

Use the Christmas Ornaments category tab to see all past ornaments.

hand painted black and white checked ornament
I also painted a few large black and white checked ball ornaments
with no finial pieces this year.

oversized 6" black and white checked ornament
They are 6" diameter with hand painted black and white checks.

shatterproof oversized 6" black and white check hand painted ornament
I also combined the checked ornaments with polka dot onion shaped finial pieces...

hand painted and hand made shatterproof black and white check ornament

oversized black and white checked Christmas ornament

hand painted black and white checked christmas ornament large

hand made and hand painted black and white checked ornaments
I really have a lot of fun combining all the different colors and patterns.

hand painted pink polka dot and gold ornament
This ornament is deep pink with a touch of animal print and stripes

hand painted peacock feather pattern Christmas ornament
Of course I had to throw in a couple of peacock feather ornaments too.

hand made animal print Christmas ornaments
And it wouldn't be Christmas...around my house anyway...
without a little animal print.

hand painted animal leopard print and stripe ornament

large hand painted ornament animal print

hand painted animal print and black and white stripe ornament

hand painted black and white check ornaments
These ornaments are like little works of art for your tree...
or hang from garland or a chandelier.  
Each one is hand made and hand painted. I don't use stencils or patterns and you may see an imperfect brushstroke or two but it only adds to their artistic charm. 
Visit my Etsy shop to see all of them.

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