Hand Painted Christmas Ornaments, Black and White Checks, Stripes, Harlequin Designs and a Giant Kissing Ball

giant colorful Christmas kissing ball ornament
Hi again.
I feel like I've been blogging a lot lately... which is so unlike me. ;)
In case you missed them I recently posted about my painted beachy Christmas stockings 
and decorative molding Christmas trees and last month I shared the 

giant whimsical check and stripes Christmas ornament
I had a few more ornaments I wanted to share, as well as this
fabulous creation, a giant, colorful, whimsical kissing ball... 
or archway/doorway ornament or...hang from a chandelier or over a table ornament.
It's whatever you want it to be.
Use it as a focal point over a table for other celebrations 
throughout the year as well.

whimsical giant painted ornaments
 I created it in the style of my other ornaments by combining a shatterproof
ball ornament (about 10"diameter in this case) with different foam shapes
to create my own one of a kind ornament designs.

giant black and white check Christmas ornament
Completely hand painted starting with a little animal print
at the top, followed by black and off white checks with 
other colors brushed in for the large ball part.

hand painted giant kissing ball, centerpiece ornament
Under the checked ball is another ball shape painted berry pink
with metallic gold dots. That ball is topped with
jingle bell fringe and red beaded fringe.

giant hand painted jingle bell accent ceiling kissing ball ornament
Below that is a smaller black and cream striped ball circled with 
green striped ribbon, topped with more jingle bells
and finished with a pale green acrylic knob.

hand painted giant kissing ball ornament
Uh yeah...it's huge. 
This beauty is 17" long, 20" long including the hanger.
I showed it hanging with a few of my 4.75" diameter ornaments
just to give you an idea.
I don't know that I would use it on a tree, unless you just
happen to have a huge tree with other giant ornaments.

hand painted party centerpiece ornament
Attach a little mistletoe to it to create a true kissing ball.
Where ever you hang it, it's sure to be a conversation piece!

hand painted black and white check ornaments star shape on tomato cage topiary
I also added a few more black and cream check style
ornaments that are always so popular.

reversible black and white check star ornaments
These are large 7" lightweight paper mache stars.
Only one set of these are available. 
Painted on both sides so they are lovely from any angle.

hand painted black and white check ornaments star shape
Since they are painted on both sides they would look cute in a 
window or hanging from a mantel or garland too.
They are topped with a high gloss finish.

hand painted black and white harlequin diamond ornaments
I also made a couple of the 

hand painted striped ornaments
accented with lots of gold dots.

tomato cage tree with hand painted ornaments
I made lots more of the large black and white check
ball ornaments since the first batch already sold out.

hand painted black and white check ornament
Like I mentioned in my last post, I don't use patterns or stencils
so there could be a imperfect brushstroke or two but
I think it adds to the hand painted charm!

hand painted checked ornaments metallic gold with black and white cap
To mix it up, I painted 

large quilted animal print ornament
I also painted a couple of extra large quilted leopard ornaments.
They are about 6" diameter with a black and white striped cap.

hand painted black and white ornaments
They are sold in this set of four 

hand painted leopard ornaments
And lastly I painted 6 more of the 
sets sold out.

hand painted leopard animal print ornaments
And that is it for the ornaments this year!
I'm kind of excited I have them all painted and ready to go.
This is actually the first year this has happened so yay me!

beachy Christmas stockings
Don't forget about the sea life stockings, a couple of designs have
already sold out but still lots to choose from.

alternative Christmas tree
And I still have 2 sets of the

All items are sold out and I'm no longer creating the ornaments,
trees or stockings. Thank you!

I appreciate you stopping by and checking out myornaments! 
Please visit my new online store that features my mosaic art.
I still have a few items in my Etsy shop and I would love to connect on

Coastal Christmas Stockings Hand Painted Coastal Sea Life Stockings, Beach Christmas

hand painted coastal beach Christmas stockings
Update 2015 I'm no longer making the stockings and I'm completely
sold out. Thank you for your past purchases!
I've made these coastal design stockings since 2011
and have added new designs each year.

painted dolphin fish stocking
This year I added a dolphin stocking

hand painted crawfish stocking

hand painted beach stockings
I free hand the scallop design on the top of each stocking cuff
then use my own stencils to lightly draw out my designs and
fill in with the dots...millions and millions of dots!

hand painted Christmas stocking
They all have simple white dots scattered on 
the back and my signature in gold.
I get lots of questions every year about where to find these plain
stockings. Well, I couldn't find them either, so I have the stockings made
 for me out of natural canvas material.

hand painted Christmas beachy stockings coastal art
This group shows the shark stocking and
both kids and adults love those two designs :)

hand painted ship's wheel Christmas stocking
All the designs are painted and ready to ship in my Etsy shop

painted sea life beach Christmas stockings
The octopus is probably one of my faves, also showing
the turtle, crab, sand dollar, seahorse and starfish stockings

flip flops Christmas stocking
Click the Christmas stockings category
to check out all the past stockings here on my blog.

Swing by my Etsy shop to see this year's designs.
This may be the last year I offer these so get them while available!

2015 wall calendar art calendar
Oh! and I decided to create a Lucy Designs 2015 wall calendar with a 
different photo of a piece of my artwork for each month.
Just a handful of these are available.

check Christmas ornaments finial ornaments
I also have lots of beautiful hand painted ornaments in stock

molding Christmas trees
And a couple of sets left of the Decorative Molding Christmas Trees

It's beginning to look like Christmas!
Thanks so much for stopping by... see you next time!

May 2017, visit my new Online store that features
my coastal and nature inspired mosaics. You
can also find me on Facebook Instagram and Pinterest too.

Alternative Christmas Tree Set, Wood Art Tree Sculptures Using Decorative Molding and Recycled Picture Frames

wood Christmas tree made with decorative molding
Update 2015, I'm no longer creating the molding Christmas trees.
Thank you for your past orders!
I wanted to share my latest Christmas Tree sculptures for 2014.
I created my first Christmas tree sculptures in 2012 because 
I love creating things using decorative molding.
Check out my "Things to Make with Molding" category here on the
blog to see other ways I've used it.

decorative molding Christmas tree sculptures Lucy Designs
I made tree sculptures in 2013 as well. 
I have a lot of fun combining the different patterns.

Somerset Holidays and Celebrations 2014 Magazine article
My Tree sculptures were featured in the 
That was pretty exciting for me.

alternative Christmas wooden trees
I just finished several sets, they are sold in sets of three
in my Etsy store

Christmas tree decorative molding art sculptures
I paint them in white and wash with brown to bring out 
all that beautiful detail in the molding.

repurposed molding art
No set will be exactly the same, but just like
real trees, they are all uniquely wonderful.

decorative molding Christmas tree
These trees can be used on a mantel, near your fireplace hearth,
in a kitchen, bedroom or in your entryway for a 
sophisticated touch of Christmas that can be enjoyed 
for years to come.

wooden Christmas tree sculptures with decorative molding
They are all freestanding and can be displayed in a
grouping or separately

Christmas tree sculptures in distressed white
Painted and signed on the back.

alternative Christmas tree with molding
Thanks for reading about my alternative wood Christmas trees!

*May 2017* visit my new online store featuring my coastal
You can also find me on Etsy as well as

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