November 3, 2014

Alternative Christmas Tree Set, Wood Art Tree Sculptures Using Decorative Molding and Recycled Picture Frames

wood Christmas tree made with decorative molding
Update 2015, I'm no longer creating the molding Christmas trees.
Thank you for your past orders!
I wanted to share my latest Christmas Tree sculptures for 2014.
I created my first Christmas tree sculptures in 2012 because 
I love creating things using decorative molding.
Check out my "Things to Make with Molding" category here on the
blog to see other ways I've used it.

decorative molding Christmas tree sculptures Lucy Designs
I made tree sculptures in 2013 as well. 
I have a lot of fun combining the different patterns.

Somerset Holidays and Celebrations 2014 Magazine article
My Tree sculptures were featured in the 
That was pretty exciting for me.

alternative Christmas wooden trees
I just finished several sets, they are sold in sets of three
in my Etsy store

Christmas tree decorative molding art sculptures
I paint them in white and wash with brown to bring out 
all that beautiful detail in the molding.

repurposed molding art
No set will be exactly the same, but just like
real trees, they are all uniquely wonderful.

decorative molding Christmas tree
These trees can be used on a mantel, near your fireplace hearth,
in a kitchen, bedroom or in your entryway for a 
sophisticated touch of Christmas that can be enjoyed 
for years to come.

wooden Christmas tree sculptures with decorative molding
They are all freestanding and can be displayed in a
grouping or separately

Christmas tree sculptures in distressed white
Painted and signed on the back.

alternative Christmas tree with molding
Thanks for reading about my alternative wood Christmas trees!

*May 2017* visit my new online store featuring my coastal
You can also find me on Etsy as well as

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  1. Congratulations on your magazine feature!!!!!! These are very pretty trees indeed!!!!


I've moved to to focus on my mosaic art. I'm no longer creating dragonflies or mermaids.

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