Dragonfly Recyled Art Sculpture from Repurposed Picture Molding and Recycled Elements, Giant 4 Ft Wide

giant recycled elements dragonfly art sculpture industrial look
This giant dragonfly was another order through my Custommade site. 
Custommade is a really cool place where you can find someone 
to help you bring your ideas to life, whether it's art, furniture,
 jewelry, logos, clothing, etc.

giant recycled butterfly
She had seen this giant wooden butterfly I had made and wanted something
similar and in the same color, but in a dragonfly design.

green art, repurposed junk on dragonfly art sculpture
I cut the wings out of plywood and started adding all the elements.  

recycled picture molding and keys and hinges on dragonfly wings
Picture molding, hinges, keys, house numbers, domino's and spindles
are just a few of the recycled items I used... so much fun creating this piece!

5ft recycled repurposed dragonfly art
I took photos inside and outside but this is strictly an indoor piece.

copper metal strapping on dragonfly art
Just like on the butterfly, I added the metal strapping around the 
edges of the wings.

old keys, hinges and drawer pulls on giant sculpture
I used giant rusty keys for the antenna and a piece of an old drawer 
pull for the eyes. 

repurposed , recycled metal on butterfly art
She wanted the same color I used before so after I painted
base coats of black and brown, I dry brushed with metallic gold. 

over sized dragonfly sculpture
The solid color really brings all those elements together but 
you still see all that great texture.
One day I would like to make one and leave most of the elements
in their natural state, I think that would look amazing.

mixed media dragonfly using keys, hinges, molding, wood, house numbers
When I create pieces like this, all the "junk" hoarding 
definitely pays off.

giant mixed media dragonfly sculpture
I combined several different pieces to create the body using a wood
column and different parts of wooden lamp bodies.

repurposed , recycled dragonfly art sculpture
He's really big, almost 5 ft wide but I love making these oversize pieces.

giant 5 foot butterfly art size with reclaimed wood look
This is another giant butterfly I made not too long ago... I can't stop!

recycled dragonfly art sculpture
Thanks for checking out my giant recycled dragonfly!

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