May 24, 2015

Huge Butterfly and Turtle Recycled Art Sculptures, Mixed Media Collage "Junk" Art

recycled art sea turtle coastal
I have lots of pieces in the queue to blog about but today 
I'm sharing my latest giant, recycled art sculptures.

coastal sea turtle art
A customer saw one of my giant butterfly sculptures created in
this same style but wanted a turtle shape and she wanted it big...
which happens to be right up my alley. He's right at 4 ft.

recycled molding art turtle shape
Filled with goodness from top to bottom, this turtle starts with 
beautiful molding in the center of his shell. 

If you've visited my blog before, you may know I love use decorative molding, 
and/or old picture frames, in many of my pieces like 
my Christmas Trees, signs, alphabet letters, and also in the first giant butterfly I made.

 I'm crazy about the texture you get when working with molding.

bottle cap and metal art
I attached wavy corrugated metal with bottle caps around the edge of the shell.

recycled metal pieces art, junk art
Bolts, nuts, washers...

keys and junk pieces in large turtle art
Keys, carved wood pieces and other bits and pieces.

herringbone wood pattern in sea turtle art
For his fins, I applied wood pieces in a herringbone pattern.

sea turtle coastal art
This turtle is painted in off white with a distressed finish.
I hung him up briefly to get photos before this turtle left for his new home.

giant butterfly recycled art
I also had an order for a large butterfly in the brown metallic tones,
similar to the one in photo below...

butterfly art, metal look recycled art
This is the first recycled butterfly art I made almost 5 years ago.
Of course no two butterflies will ever be the same but they will all be 
wonderful and unique.

 metal and junk art butterfly
Hinges, keys and metal pieces...

butterfly art with metal pieces
More metal bobs and wood pieces...

using keys and metal in artwork
Keys and studs...

butterfly art with recycled elements, Lucy Designs
And of course beautiful moldings.

creating recycled, junk art
They all start out rather innocent looking...

creating recycled art work butterfly shape
Then it gets a little more chaotic as I try different combinations...

giant butterfly art, creating recycled art
Then it can get downright messy at times.... yikes.

There is a method to my madness.
During the creation process, I often use my phone camera or, if possible, 
I'll hold a piece up in front of a mirror or use the "squint technique"
 when I need an objective view of something.

I can look at a photo I've taken of the piece or the mirror's reflection and can instantly see if something is out of balance and needing more or less of something in a certain area.
I don't know why this works, maybe just giving my brain a different perspective
but it's something I've always done.

The squint technique ( I just made that up) does the same for me.
If I squint, the areas that need more or less become obvious.

Fun fact: The squint technique is amazing to check for even placement
of the lights when decking out your Christmas tree.

butterfly art using recycled pieces, molding, Lucy Designs
So I squint, snap pics and look in mirrors until it all comes together in the end.

Creating order and a cohesive look from all of this "junk" and random elements
to create something beautiful, really is so satisfying to me.

butterfly giant art, oversized butterfly, butterfly headboard
This one is large as well, almost 4 ft wide,
You can read more about it in my Etsy shop.

butterfly recycled art
I also created another giant butterfly in a distressed white finish

giant butterfly recycled art
This one has curvy wood pieces along with the usual odds and ends.

copper pipe and drawer pulls in art
Copper pipe antenna and aged drawer knob eyes...

clock pieces on butterfly art
Roman numerals cut from an old clock...

molding and wood butterfly art
Yummy molding and wood pieces...

giant butterfly wings
And vintage door plates, hinges and keys.

butterfly giant recycled art
Thanks for reading about my latest project.

Visit my new online shop and I still have some items listed 
in my Etsy shop and clearance prices on remaining paintings.

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and I would love for you to follow along with me.
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  1. Your creations are absolutely amazing and gorgeous! I love everything you create!

    1. Thank you so much Misty, I sure needed those kind words today :)


I've moved to to focus on my mosaic art. I'm no longer creating dragonflies or mermaids.

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