October 8, 2015

Hand Painted Pumpkin Topiary for Fall and Halloween

pumpkin topiary diy
My latest Fall creation, a large pumpkin topiary using artificial pumpkins.

Michael's foam pumpkin topiary
I didn't take "during" photos but it's a simple process and this is what I 
started with. The huge white pumpkin I used for the base was purchased at Michael's.
This size is not inexpensive but it happened to be on sale the day I bought it.
The medium sized black pumpkin was found at Target last year and the small
pumpkin is one I already had that I had painted with dots and stripes years ago.
I also purchased a few fall leaf garlands at Michaels.

painted black and white stripe pumpkin
I love that you can reinvent and reuse these artificial pumpkins!
Here they are before assembly when I was still painting them.
For the large bottom pumpkin, I spray painted it off white. I was already a 
cream color but I wanted a crisper background. After it was dry, I 
painted thick, black stripes using regular acrylic craft paint.

The middle pumpkin was already glossy black, yay, so I only
painted gold metallic dots. I used several layers of 
DecoArt Dazzling Metallics in Glorious Gold to get the opaque look
 I was going for. I love this particular gold, it is my go-to gold color!

The top pumpkin had to be primed with spray primer to cover the previous orange 
stripes and dots and then sprayed with orange spray paint. If you already 
have an orange pumpkin, you are good to go!

hand painted foam pumpkin
To create the top pumpkin design, I grabbed a small swirly stencil
 I had and just held it in different areas over the pumpkin while I sponged on top of
the stencil with dark metallic gold to get the scrolled pattern. It doesn't have to 
be perfect. You could also free hand gold swirls, or paint whatever
design you like!
I added a few highlights by loosely painting over the stenciled area with a lighter gold.
After dry, I brushed the whole piece with watered
down brown paint and quickly and gently wiped away the excess to give it a little
depth. I painted the stem gold and sealed the whole thing with spray satin sealer.

black and white striped pumpkin, stenciled pumpkin
I did a dry run by stacking them and wrapping the garland
around just to see where I was in the design and decided
the orange garland was too bright for me.

Michael's pumpkin topiary
I ended up going back to Michael's and exchanged the bright garland
 for more natural tones that work better for me and I already had the 
black pedestal planter on hand. The topiary actually just sits on top of the urn 
with a few spots of glue to hold it in place so I can remove it later. 
The whole pumpkin stack is surprisingly light.

giant Fall topiary pumpkin topiary
All the pumpkins and the leaves are glued in
place with hot glue.

pumpkin topiary, solar pumpkins
I love the look of it on our front porch along with our solar pumpkins!

black and white striped pumpkin wreath
I added a wreath that I found at a local store but plumped it up with 
more fall foliage sprays and small foam pumpkins. 

striped pumpkins diy
I found the mini pumpkins and a few Fall sprays that had small pumpkins 
already attached but repainted the little pumpkins 
with black and white stripes.

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a Halloween theme.

diy painted Halloween pillows
They turned out great and add a little Halloween flair to the back porch.

pumpkin topiary, solar pumpkins Fall decorating
Update October 2016 thank you for all the inquiries but I'm not creating any pumpkins
 or topiaries to sell. The size would cause shipping to be cost prohibitive.
Thanks for checking out my pumpkin topiary. 
Happy Fall, Happy Halloween, and all that good stuff!

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  1. Lobe these ideas! Do you remember what sizes of pumpkins you used?

    1. Thank you Mandy! I don't remember exactly, was just trying to get one large enough for the bottom to fit the planter I already had.

  2. where did you purchase the vase?

    1. The urn was one I had on hand, I believe I purchased from Target years ago


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