November 19, 2015

Kitchen Pantry Makeover, Replace wire shelves with wrap around wood shelving for under $130 DIY

pantry makeover before and after, remove wire shelves
Almost five years ago, I made over my pantry
by removing the deep wire shelving and replacing with wrap
around shelving.
Today, I did it again in my new home and I love it!
It's been on my to-do list ever since we moved in.

messy wire shelves in pantry, pantry makeover
This is what I started with... ugh.

makeover your pantry
I didn't even pretend to straighten it up before taking a photo.

I'm so over this deep, constantly messy, can't find anything,
have to move five things out of the way to get one thing, pantry.

how to remove closet maid shelf anchors in wall
Just like my last pantry makeover, I started by removing the 
wire shelving, patching the holes and adding touch up paint.

I was having a bit of a difficult time getting the Closet Maid wire shelf anchors 
out of the wall but found that a tiny flat head screwdriver helped
pry the nail out just enough to be able to grab with the pliers
and remove it.

I'm not gonna lie... if you remove these types of 
anchors, you are going to be left with giant holes to patch.
It will be worth it, I promise!

shelf supports for pantry makeover
Just like last time, I bought all white pre-primed wood boards
for the shelves as well as pre primed 1 x 2's for the supports
from Home Depot and that is such a time saver.
I bought 8 ft lengths and cut to the sizes I needed at home.

I did not paint over it, just used as is.

shelf supports installed for pantry makeover
I spaced my shelves about 13" apart.
You can always adjust the spacing to fit your needs.

**This is a pantry with potentially heavy items like canned goods.
When attaching your 1 x 2's to the wall you must screw the majority
of your screws into the wall studs so your shelves will be super strong and sturdy.
It goes without saying you must also use a level as well when
installing your 1 x 2's... you don't want lopsided pantry shelving.

screw and anchor combo
I used this type of screw I found at Home Depot to 
mount the 1 x 2's. 
**You must drill pilot holes in the
 1 x 2 wood pieces before using this screw or you will split the wood.

pantry redesignI
I mounted the back wall 1 x 2 supports first. Once they were in place,
it was easy to rest the level on the edge of the back support to level the side 1 x 2's.

pantry makeover DIY installing wood shelving
Then I forgot to take more during pics, but here I'm starting to
lay the shelving boards on top of the 1 x 2 supports.

After laying the shelving boards on top of the 1 x 2's, you then need to secure
them to the 1 x 2's to keep them in place. To do that, I used regular wood screws 
along the back edge of each shelf to screw down into the 1 x 2 supports.
I placed my screws about 6-7 inches apart along the back of each shelf.

**Since you are screwing into the very back edge of the shelf and down into 
the 1 x 2, you must predrill your holes again so the wood
won't split on the edge.

kitchen pantry with wood shelving
This pantry is a little different and a little larger than my last one. 
In this pantry, the door swings open into the pantry,
in my old pantry, the door swung out into the room.

This means there is no end wall for the side pieces to butt up
against like last time which gave them extra support, instead
my shelves are open-ended...

metal mending plates for pantry shelves
To remedy my lack of an end wall for my side shelves, I used metal mending 
plates on the underside to secure the side shelves to the back shelves 
and it worked like a charm.

To reiterate and ease any fears or confusion on whether there is enough 
support for the shelves, just remember...

The deeper back shelves are fully supported on THREE sides.
 They are supported across the full length of the shelf by the back wall 1 x 2's 
as well as being supported on each end by the side wall 1 x 2's.

The side shelves are only 6" deep and are supported by the side wall 1 x 2's 
as well as being anchored to the (supported on 3 sides) back shelf
with the metal mending plates. The metal mending plates also
serve to help the corners line up perfectly.

And as mentioned. all shelves are then screwed into the 1 x 2's
that have been securely screwed into your wall studs! :)

use metal mending plates to secure wood shelving

kitchen pantry makeover with wood shelves
I used 12" deep shelves on the bottom two back shelves, 
8" deep for the remaining back wall shelves and 6" on the sides.

pantry makeover reveal
Looking in to the left...

kitchen pantry makeover with wood shelves
Looking in to the right...

kitchen pantry makeover DIY reveal
Straight ahead...
*starry eyed*

The lowdown on this makeover...

I've gotten so many emails about my previous pantry makeover
from people worried they will lose space. In my last makeover
I felt I had gained space but had not measured before and after so
 I didn't know for sure.

This time, I measured the wire shelf space before I removed them
and calculated I had 21.56 square feet of shelf space.

The after measurements with my new wrap around 
wood shelves measure 21.36 square feet.
So it's practically the same but you will feel like you have more
space simply because you can see everything.

I'll take being able to clearly see what I have in the pantry
over a negligible loss of space any day!

I spent a total of $127 for this makeover including primed wood, 
screws and mending plates, yours could be 
more or less. My pantry is 33"w x 34" deep to where
the door swings in and a 9ft ceiling.

$130 bucks for a lifetime of pantry happiness? yes please!

pantry redesign before and after
I started this project one evening by removing the wire shelving
and patching the holes so it would be ready to go the next morning.
I finished the next day so these before and after photos 
show the exact same food and items in the pantry.

Thanks for reading about my latest pantry makeover!

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or swing by my Etsy shop for reduced prices on remaining paintings
and mermaids.
Until next time!...

November 14, 2015

Recycled Wood Reindeer, Large Repurposed Christmas Sculptures

large wood reindeer recycled elements
I can't take credit for this adorable idea.
I saw something similar in a catalog once where they used spindles as 
reindeer legs and filed that memory in my head for later. 
This year I decided to create reindeer and put my own spin on them.

recycled reindeer art
One idea I came up with was using metal ceiling fan blade
holders as antlers. 

When I first started using the fan blades for dragonfly wings,
I had an overabundance of these metal fan holders. 
I got rid of so many of them but did save a few and was so 
glad I did because they made great antlers!

reindeer art
I drew a pattern and cut the bodies from plywood.
I added a textured pattern using a stencil and my own texture
compound to create the raised pattern. You could also use 
joint compound to create the texture.

large free standing wood reindeer
In addition to the fan blade holders, I came up with other ideas for antlers too. 
For this recycled reindeer, the antlers are cut from scrolly sections of a
 wooden picture frame. 
He has wooden coaster ears and a jingle bell nose.

wood recycled reindeer
I made two sizes, a large and small. This large size reindeer is 
32" tall. I used more ceiling fan blade holders as antlers, painted in
gold along with recycled tin for the ears and a bottle cap nose.

large wood reindeer sculptures, recycled elements
Most of the small size reindeer stand 24-28" tall and they
look adorable in pairs.

wood reindeer sculpture
The little reindeer has more scrolled pieces from a wooden
frame as antlers, ears cut from old license plates and a metal nut for his nose.

wood reindeer
I painted this set in muted gold.
I guess they are all male deer since they all have antlers but
they look so much cuter with the antlers!

reindeer with jingle bell nose
This little gold reindeer has decorative pieces from a clock that I 
cut apart for his antlers. His ears are wooden coasters, already in 
the "ear shape" and a jingle bell nose. 

recyled reindeer with spindle legs
The majority of the spindles I used matched but this one has 
mismatched spindle legs and I think that just adds to the charm of

Lucy Designs reindeer
All the tails are made using aluminum flashing that I 
cut into a tail shape and painted.

recycled reindeer with license plate ears and ceiling fan blade holder antlers
More fan blade holder antlers and license plate ears
on this large reindeer sculpture.

large reindeer recycled repurposed Christmas decor
They are all fairly lightweight but stand very sturdily.
What a unique addition to holiday or Winter decor that 
will last for years to come.

Update December 2016
I am no longer creating the reindeer and remaining deer are sold out

Thanks so much for taking the time to read about my reindeer!

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November 8, 2015

Christmas Ornaments and Kissing Balls, Giant, Black and White Check Ornaments, Angel Ornaments, Bird Ornaments, Leopard Ornaments and Hand Painted Kissing Balls

hand painted Christmas Ornaments
I've been creating these hand painted ornaments since 2011,
Click on the Christmas Category to see all the posts.
These are my most recent ornaments for Christmas 2015.
Update all ornaments are sold out and 
I am no longer making the hand painted ornaments.
Visit my new online store featuring my mosaic art and coastal ornaments or

animal print bird ornament set
I'm kind of proud of myself for working on them throughout the summer
and have most of them listed in my Etsy shop... yay!
Some of the styles have already sold out but I am sharing them anyway.

This year I painted several sets of these cute shatterproof 
bird ornaments in whimsical leopard print with dotted gold wings.

black and white check hand painted ornaments, bowl filler
People seem to love the black and white check ornaments so 
I painted more of those. Painting free hand checks on a round
surface is not the easiest task but once I get going, it starts to flow.

checked star Christmas ornaments
gold check star ornaments. They are lightweight paper mache and 
painted on all sides so they look great from any angle.

hand painted checked ornaments
Large whimsical ornaments with dots, checks and leopard print.
I create these by combining new ornaments to create one of a kind 
large finial ornaments.

giant finial Christmas ornaments, whimsical, colorful
They are quite large at up to 15" long and about 6" diameter.
This is the last remaining set in the large finial ornaments.

black and white check hand painted Christmas ornaments
Lots of hand painted details go into each ornament. No stencils or
patterns are used so they are all unique.

black and white check angel ornament set
I also had some fun painting these metal angel ornaments
in bright whimsical colors.

angel ornament decoration
Who says angels don't like animal print? ;)

angel ornaments, leopard, animal print ornaments
These animal print angel ornaments are large also, about 10" including
the hangers but super lightweight.

whimsical colorful angel ornaments
of leopard on their robes, deep pink tops and metallic wings.
They are all painted in solid metallic gold on the back.

checked finial ornament
More large painted ornaments... about 10" long.

black and white check kissing ball ornament
Last year I added a couple of giant hand painted "kissing balls" to my
ornament selection and decided to add a few this year too.

They are pretty large, about 22" long, and pretty fantastical, which
is the first word that popped into my head, and to my
surprise is a real word because I had to look it up.

This one started with a huge metal jingle bell and I added other ornaments,
flowers, ribbon, beaded fringe and lots and lots of hand painting.

These kissing balls are wonderful ornaments to hang in an archway, entry, or use
for other holidays as a fun party decoration.

Kissing ball, animal print, whimsical hand painted
A giant red striped kissing ball with feather boa trim, leopard flowers,
jingle bell trim and lots more.

painted Christmas kissing ball ornament, party decor
Another large checked kissing ball with a giant metal jingle bell,
touches of leopard print, beaded fringe, acrylic crystal knob and pretty ribbon.

checked bird ornament, kissing ball,
Thanks for taking the time to check out my hand painted ornaments!
Update January 2017 all ornaments are sold out and 
I am no longer making the hand painted ornaments.
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