November 8, 2015

Christmas Ornaments and Kissing Balls, Giant, Black and White Check Ornaments, Angel Ornaments, Bird Ornaments, Leopard Ornaments and Hand Painted Kissing Balls

hand painted Christmas Ornaments
I've been creating these hand painted ornaments since 2011,
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These are my most recent ornaments for Christmas 2015.
Update all ornaments are sold out and 
I am no longer making the hand painted ornaments.
Visit my new online store featuring my mosaic art and coastal ornaments or

animal print bird ornament set
I'm kind of proud of myself for working on them throughout the summer
and have most of them listed in my Etsy shop... yay!
Some of the styles have already sold out but I am sharing them anyway.

This year I painted several sets of these cute shatterproof 
bird ornaments in whimsical leopard print with dotted gold wings.

black and white check hand painted ornaments, bowl filler
People seem to love the black and white check ornaments so 
I painted more of those. Painting free hand checks on a round
surface is not the easiest task but once I get going, it starts to flow.

checked star Christmas ornaments
gold check star ornaments. They are lightweight paper mache and 
painted on all sides so they look great from any angle.

hand painted checked ornaments
Large whimsical ornaments with dots, checks and leopard print.
I create these by combining new ornaments to create one of a kind 
large finial ornaments.

giant finial Christmas ornaments, whimsical, colorful
They are quite large at up to 15" long and about 6" diameter.
This is the last remaining set in the large finial ornaments.

black and white check hand painted Christmas ornaments
Lots of hand painted details go into each ornament. No stencils or
patterns are used so they are all unique.

black and white check angel ornament set
I also had some fun painting these metal angel ornaments
in bright whimsical colors.

angel ornament decoration
Who says angels don't like animal print? ;)

angel ornaments, leopard, animal print ornaments
These animal print angel ornaments are large also, about 10" including
the hangers but super lightweight.

whimsical colorful angel ornaments
of leopard on their robes, deep pink tops and metallic wings.
They are all painted in solid metallic gold on the back.

checked finial ornament
More large painted ornaments... about 10" long.

black and white check kissing ball ornament
Last year I added a couple of giant hand painted "kissing balls" to my
ornament selection and decided to add a few this year too.

They are pretty large, about 22" long, and pretty fantastical, which
is the first word that popped into my head, and to my
surprise is a real word because I had to look it up.

This one started with a huge metal jingle bell and I added other ornaments,
flowers, ribbon, beaded fringe and lots and lots of hand painting.

These kissing balls are wonderful ornaments to hang in an archway, entry, or use
for other holidays as a fun party decoration.

Kissing ball, animal print, whimsical hand painted
A giant red striped kissing ball with feather boa trim, leopard flowers,
jingle bell trim and lots more.

painted Christmas kissing ball ornament, party decor
Another large checked kissing ball with a giant metal jingle bell,
touches of leopard print, beaded fringe, acrylic crystal knob and pretty ribbon.

checked bird ornament, kissing ball,
Thanks for taking the time to check out my hand painted ornaments!
Update January 2017 all ornaments are sold out and 
I am no longer making the hand painted ornaments.
Visit my new online store featuring my mosaic art and coastal ornaments or

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