April 9, 2016

Table Leg Dragonflies and Butterflies, Moving On!

table leg fan blade dragonfly with zebra black and white wings
April 2016
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Hello! If you follow me on Facebook, you may have read my post
 a few days ago about shipping out my very last dragonfly order when this
 cool zebra dragonfly flew off to Massachusetts.

I've decided phase out recycled art and dragonfly making 
so I can concentrate on my stained glass mosaics.

I created these table leg dragonflies almost 10 years ago 
but first blogged about them about 5 years ago when I came
up with the idea to use old ceiling fan blades for the wings.
When my ceiling fan blades ran out, I cut the wings out of wood
and added butterflies and bugs to the mix as well.

Prior to that, I sold my table leg dragonflies locally and made wings using
wire, then wrapped in hand painted canvas. This was way before
digital cameras and before documenting my pieces ever crossed my mind!

I've made wings using fan blades, wood, metal, wrapped wire,

and even one out of a croquet mallet
There are probably 30 more designs I never blogged about haha! 
The possibilities are endless!

I've shipped them all over the country and overseas.
I've created and sold well over 300 and I have loved creating each 
and every one of them and I thank you for your support over the 
years in purchasing my art dragonflies!

I thought it would be fun to put together a few collages of some
 of the past designs I've made over the years.
Click on the photos for a larger view,
Enjoy, and thanks for looking!

recycled art dragonflies

art dragonflies

recycled art dragonflies

recycled art table leg spindle dragonfly

recycled art dragonfly

recycled art dragonfly spindle dragonfly

recycled art dragonflies

art dragonflies

recycled art butterfly, spindle butterfly
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  1. Love each and every one of them.. You have so much talent. Good luck in your newest creative endeavour.

  2. You are such an inspiration! I have some old spindles from our staircase we just replaced. I can't wait to start designing some dragonflies or butterflies! You work is beautiful! Thank you for sharing!

  3. Amazing! I found you by accident. Such a joy! So creative! Thank you for sharing your gift with us! -airllusion on Google and everywhere

    1. Thank you so much Tamara, I really appreciate that!


I've moved to Lucydesignsart.com to focus on my mosaic art. I'm no longer creating dragonflies or mermaids.

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