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large tree painting
Hi All! 
In my last post I mentioned I was moving away 
Latey I've been focusing on paintings and continued work with 
stained glass mosaics.

I've dabbled with paintings in the past but moving into our new
home a little over a year ago reignited the urge to paint and 
I'm having so much fun! My husband and I decided we would 
both love to have, for the most part, artwork that I have created in our home. 
I've also been busy adding paintings to my Etsy shop.

red and gold textured canvas tree painting
This is the first one I made that hangs in our dining area.
For this one I actually built a wood canvas using 1 x 2's and thin plywood.
An air compressor and nailer make building things like this a snap.

red and gold tree painting
Just like my heavily textured mermaids and angel wings...I love texture 
and seem to be incorporating lots of it in my paintings as well.
The tree has metallic accents in the circles that really catch the light.

textured peacock paintings
I created this pair of dancing peacock feathers for the bedroom.
They are made on wood canvases as well.

textured peacock feather painting
More texture and metallic paints in this set.

white tree diptych

Here is tree diptych painting that hangs in one part of the family room.

white trees painting
I also built the wood canvases that these are painted on.

white branches painting
Again...lots of texture!

gold trees textured painting
"Yellow Trees" is also in our family room 
and also on a wood canvas.

treeline painting

textured painting
Heavy texture.

original tree art
Highlights of metallic gold. 

textured yellow trees painting
I have noticed a nature theme in my paintings such as 
birds, feathers, trees, vines, leaves and sea life.
If you know me, it makes sense ;)

yellow trees painting

egret heron painting
Here is a large 24 x 48 egret painting I made for the master bath.

textured acrylic painting
More yummy texture.

textured painting Florida egret
I painted him on a ready made canvas.

white egret in wetlands painting
Thanks for taking a look! 
These are all the paintings I've completed so far for the house.
Next time I'll share the paintings I've been selling in my shop.
Thanks so much for reading...until next time!

Take a peek in my Etsy shop for a preview of paintings
I'll be sharing in a later blog post or find me on 

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