September 25, 2016

Solar Halloween Pumpkins, Turn Artificial or Edible Pumpkins into Solar Pumpkins, Quick and Easy DIY Tutorial

turn artificial pumpkin into solar pumpkin
I can't take credit for this idea, I read somewhere about using a solar light
 in a real pumpkin but I had not seen them made with artificial pumpkins.

solar light pumpkin easy diy
I've had these plug in artificial pumpkins since my boys were little.
They are 18 and 20 now, just goes to show how long this foam lasts!
We still like to put them out at Halloween but I wasn't happy about all the 
electrical cords everywhere. We use solar string lights at Christmas
and solar pathway lights that work beautifully so I thought this
would be a great solution... energy, what's not to love?

To start, I cut and removed all the electrical cords and light bulbs.

use solar light for pumpkin diy
Solar lights...about .99 each, found at Walmart

solar lights for a pumpkin tutorial
I removed the bottom stake part that you would normally stick in the ground.

turn your pumpkin into solar pumpkin
For this pumpkin I loved the stem on it since it was natural looking and 
didn't want to cut it off so I decided to put the light towards the back of 
the pumpkin. I drew an outline in the diameter of the plastic globe
part of the solar light, predrilled a large hole and used a tiny serrated knife 
to cut the rest away.

solar light pumpkin
Inserted the plastic "globe" part. It fit snugly, I didn't use glue.

solar light pumpkin how to
The solar charger part screws on to the clear globe.
The whole process took about 5 minutes.

solar light up pumpkin
I was in my garage studio when making them but had to go into the 
closet to check it out...success!

foam pumpkin with solar light diy
I had two more pumpkins in a smaller round size that had  plain
foam stems. I cut those off and repeated the steps above to insert the 
light directly on top to mimic a stem. I brushed on a little 
brown paint and polyurethane to seal.

foam pumpkin makeover idea
You can see how beat up this little guy is. I ended up applying a quick coat 
of paint then poly to freshen all of them up.

fall Halloween pumpkin topiary
Since it's not Halloween yet and I live in Florida and it's still like
90 degrees...not good for fresh pumpkin life... I simply turned 
the pumpkin faces to the rear so it looks like I have whole
pumpkins on the porch. 
Of course now that I placed the solar light in the back of the 
large pumpkin to save the realistic stem, it doesn't look so 
great turned around so I just left it out of the pic. 
In hindsight I would have cut the pretty stem off !

painted pumpkin topiary and solar pumpkins
Shown with my painted pumpkin topiary I made last Fall.

diy solar pumpkins
Sorry for the grainy pic but I took this at night, they really do work well.
When it's closer to Halloween, I may have to move them to the edge of
the porch so they get a good dose of sun for maximum solar charge but
even with the morning sun they've been getting, they seem to work fine.

fall decorating with foam pumpkins
The rest of the porch is decorated with cats ;)

diy pumpkin makeovers
Thanks for reading about my solar light pumpkins!

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