How to paint decorative ceramic objects, DIY makeover with spray paint tutorial

painting ceramic

Did you know you can paint decorative ceramic items? Well, you can!

I'm one of those people that will paint pretty much anything.
to name a few, so I didn't bat an eyelash over the thought of painting over 
a pair of of ceramic vases I had.

before and after diy painting ceramic vases
This is what I was starting with.
I love these handmade vases that I bought years ago at a fancy shop.
They are large and heavy with hand applied ceramic petal pieces.

Although beautiful, this beige color just wasn't jiving in my new home 
so I decided to change them up rather than get rid of them.

how to paint ceramic pieces with spray paint
I started by spraying them with light blue satin spray paint that had
built in primer. This part can be a little scary because they 
look horrible at this point, but keep going!

spray painted decor idea
Next up, I dry brushed a warmer aqua color on top.
The before is on the left, after the aqua is on the right.

***Important...You must spray with a clear satin sealer at 
this point and let dry before going to the next step.
If you haven't sealed and start applying watery paint in the
next step, you will remove your previous paint layer.
Make sure to use satin finish. If it is too glossy, the brown
wash in the next step will not adhere at all.

add brown paint wash to painted finish
After they were sealed and dry, I brushed on watered down brown
acrylic paint over the petals. I turned them upside down so the
paint could seep into all the nooks and crannies.

ceramic vase makeover
While the paint is still wet, quickly...and patiently in this case with
all the petals!...wipe away the excess brown paint with soft rags.

"Before" the brown wash is shown on the left and "after" on the right.

diy how to paint ceramic decor
The brown adds a lovely toned down look with lots of color 

Rustoleum clear laquer spray sealer
Seal with several coats of Rustoleum clear laquer, it gives a great high gloss finish.

I almost exclusively use Rustoleum spray paints (unless I can't find
a certain color) because they are just wonderful... and they didn't pay me to say that.

how to paint decorative ceramic pieces
I didn't show this step but before I sealed with the laquer, I 
dry brushed a little gold metallic paint on the edges of the petals.
Metallics are so hard for me to capture in a photo but you can see 
glimpses of it in this photo.

Dazzling metallics in glorious gold is my go-to gold paint.

ceramic vase makeover diy painting ceramic
The "new" vases fit much better in our color scheme.

decorative ceramic orb makeover
While I was at it I had a large cut work ceramic orb in bright 
white that didn't really go with our decor either, so I applied 
the same technique.

diy ceramic orb makeover
I used the same color paints as the vases. After completing all the 
steps above, I used Rustoleum Bright Coat in gold and sprayed it very heavily at the
top of the ball until it puddled and let it drip down randomly around the ball.
I coated with with the high glass laquer for the final coat.

It looks much more shiny and metallic than this photo shows!

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Dollar Store Mosaic Pumpkin, Dollar Store Stone Planters and more Dollar Halloween Ideas

dollar store mosaic pumpkin diy
Sharing a couple of quick projects I completely recently that 
happen to be dollar store projects including this mosaic pumpkin.

dollar store stones diy ideas
It started when I decided to cover a couple of planters of 
artificial grass with stones. These grasses are the type
you can find in lots of stores where the fake grass is embedded in foam
and glued into a ceramic or clay pot. I didn't care for the pots they 
were in and hunted for other pots to stick them in but then just decided
to cover them with stones.

dollar store rocks, pebbles, stones diy planters
I grabbed a couple of bags of rocks from Dollar Tree.

tile adhesive
I smeared the existing planters with a very thick layer of 
ceramic adhesive. I tinted my adhesive with a little 
brown Tints-all colorant so it wouldn't be stark white.

This adhesive is not recommend for constant water exposure
and I'm not sure if it can be used in areas that freeze.
We live in Florida so that's usually not a problem and I have
them out on our covered patio so they don't get wet, unless you
count the humidity!

rock planters diy
After adhesive is smeared on, simply push the rocks into the adhesive.
It's easier to do sections at a time but I'm impatient and did it all at once
very carefully, except for the edges at the top and bottom.
Just make sure the adhesive is thick enough to really grab your rocks.

diy stone rock planters dollar store
I forgot to take a "before" pic of the other planter but I applied the same
technique with this planter...I had two of them so you can see the
before on the right and after on the left.

lacquer spray
When completely dry, I sprayed them with clear lacquer to bring the 
color out and add a glossy finish. I covered the artificial grass
with a plastic bag to keep the lacquer from getting on the leaves.

dollar store planters
I have them out on our porch for a little extra color/greenery.
In my defense of using artificial greenery...I do have a live palm
tree out here as well!

dollar store pumpkin mosaic
While I was at the dollar store, Halloween decor was out so I snagged
a mini foam pumpkin. Wow! They used to have decent looking little faux 
pumpkins like I used for my studded dollar store pumpkins years ago. 
This one was pretty hideous, but... I bought it anyway.

things to make with stained glass scraps mosaic pumpkin
As you might know, I'm a mosaic artist and had beautiful
red/orange stained glass scraps that I thought would be
perfect for this sad little pumpkin. I snipped the scraps into
little triangles.

dollar store mosaic pumpkin mini pumpkin
I use Weldbond glue and I love it because it's non toxic and no
fumes but it is not an instant set glue. This is fine when I'm working 
on mosaics on a flat surface but on this guy I worked in sections
on it's side letting each section dry before moving to the next.

dollar store mosaic pumpkin diy how to
Glass is complete

dollar store mosaic pumpkin diy how to make it
I grouted with sand colored grout...cute, but...wasn't the look 
I had in mind...

dollar store mosaic pumpkin diy how to
So I painted the grout with orange acrylic paint...
better, but not exactly sold on it. 

And yes you can paint grout, I use this same technique for my 
octopus mosaic surfboard to get the red background color on the tentacles.
Simply paint, then quickly wipe away any excess paint from the tiles.

dollar store mosaic pumpkin diy
Lastly I added a wash of metallic gold over the orange paint and
this was more the look I had in mind.
You can see the DIY solar pumpkins I was working on the

diy dollar store mosaic pumpkin
Before and after.
Now I realize everyone doesn't have access to stained glass pieces
but I'm thinking your could do the same process with glass stones,
pennies or even stones like the planters above. They had "pebble" sized
stones that were much smaller than the rocks I used on the planters.

mosaic pumpkin
I added the little mosaic pumpkin to other Fall decorations in 
our entryway.

dollar store diy skull candlesticks
While we are on the dollar store train, you might remember the dollar 
store spooky skull candlesticks I made a few years ago. 
One of my sister's wanted them so they live with her now.
I saw more skulls when at the dollar store, I kind of wish 
I had picked one up to mosaic it too!

dollar store Halloween raven and mosaic pumpkin
My pumpkin is shown with the DIY large Halloween raven 
I also made from scratch and I tell you exactly how I made it!

I love the challenge of taking something simple, like a bag of rocks
or cheap foam pumpkin, and making it look like a million bucks...ok maybe not
a million but at least $10 bucks! lol

Thanks for reading about my dollar store ideas.

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