November 16, 2016

Octopus and Sea Turtle Coastal Mosaics, Stained Glass Mosaic Surfboards, Octopus and Sea Turtles

octopus mosaic stained glass mosaic surfboard
I've been in a mosaic frenzy lately.

red octopus mosaic
I've made several octopus surfboards in this wonderful red and teal 
color combo over the last year... that I realize I'm just now blogging about.

octopus mosaic art
I adore octopuses and I love these colors together.

octopus mosaic red octopus
I still offer this design but wanted to create a more versatile octopus 
 that could be hung vertically or horizontally.

mosaic surfboard art octopus
This is the new octopus surfboard design I came up with.

large scale art mosaic octopus surfboard
And I think he looks great hung in either direction.
See the video.

Oh yes! Forgot to mention, I have created a YouTube Channel.
I've been using short videos on Instagram here and there to share current work
and love the way videos can capture detail that photos 
sometimes can't. I figured I would expand on that and add short clips
of current artwork on my own YouTube Channel. 

mosaic octopus
While I was in octopus mode, I decided to retire my previous 
octopus designs and create something new.

coastal octopus art
The first one I made was in a beautiful teal and purple glass color.
This one has sold but you can still view the video
octopus art
I used the same pattern to create a blue/green mosaic octopus.

octopus art blue octopus

coastal octopus art
This mosaic octopus is large, about 34" wide and looks great in a coastal setting,
bathroom or anywhere you need a one of a kind piece of octopus art ;)

sea turtle art mosaic surfboard swimming turtles
Since I was in the mode of revamping designs,  I also retired the previous
sea turtle surfboard design and created this entirely different version.

sea turtles and kelp
This sea turtle mosaic depicts two sea turtles swimming in beautiful Caribbean 
blue water with ribbons of kelp or sea grass. I love how it turned out. 

tempered glass art crash glass
For the fins and head, I use broken tempered glass,
it's perfect for this application and gives a great look.

stained glass mosaic sea turtle art
I actually created these two mosaic turtles a while back
before I made the new sea turtle surfboard.

sea turtle art stained glass mosaic coastal art
They are both sold.

tempered glass mosaic
I used the tempered glass again on the fins and head.

beach house art sea turtle
I'm thinking of creating more pieces using the tempered glass,
it's so cool and fun to work with.

mosaic sea turtle
I tried to create dimension on this piece using lighter and 
darker areas of the glass and I think it gives it a great look.

stained glass mosaic sea turtle

coastal art sea turtle mosaic
I used the WallApp tool again to place this turtle in a 
virtual room. It really helps you see the scale of a piece of art.

Thank you so much for visiting and reading about my mosaics!

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