December 17, 2017

Coastal art show display, Art and craft show DIY display ideas, Art market

coastal art market, craft booth display, art tent display
Old Florida Holiday Market 2017
Check out the latest blog post at on a recent art market I participated in along 
with a behind the scenes look of creative DIY ideas I used to bring it all together.

November 23, 2017

Arts and crafts show DIY display ideas and Cyber Monday sale 2017

Old Florida Holiday Market
Hi Friends!
Click to read the latest newsletter for a few DIY display ideas for
an upcoming Holiday market I'll be participating in along with a coupon code
for my store on Cyber Monday to kick off this holiday season.
If you are local, stop by, I would love to meet you!

diy palm tree display prop, craft show, art show
What started as a cat scratching post became a cute palm tree that I plan to use to  
display my coastal mosaic ornaments. More details in the newsletter.

We were at the beach Thanksgiving Eve and saw loads of stingrays!

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

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September 1, 2017

Coastal Christmas Ornaments Hand Painted and Mosaic Beach Style Ornaments

Holiday Coastal Ornaments for 2017 are available now.

A sampling of the hand painted coastal ornaments in white.
Sold separately, free shipping.

I also created sea life mosaic ornaments, sold separately.
Discount pricing when purchasing 4 or more and free shipping.

on glass aqua ball style ornaments. Sold in sets of 4, free shipping.

Limited quantities.
Visit my new online store to see all the ornaments and mosaics. 
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May 2, 2017

Art studio dimensional wall panels for photography DIY makeover

using wall panels for art wall
Dimensional wall panels makeover.

art studio wall makeover
I had recently been mulling over solutions to better photograph and video
my pieces like this botanical mosaic instead of on my plain painted wall.

In my home studio, I already have a good sized wall space with two windows
opposite for great natural light but hanging different sized art pieces to 
video and photograph has left a messy wall with lots of different nails, 
hooks and smudges... not cool, I needed a better solution.

how to cover nail holes in wall diy
See what I mean?
I can edit them out in photos but it really doesn't look 
pretty or professional in my Youtube videos.

textured mdf wall panels box
I decided to try these textured, thin, dimensional panels to make-over the area
of the wall for photographing. These are widely available online and I chose 
a textured basketweave design call "Caro". This design came with 10 panels 
per box. The panels are approximately 20" x 20" and made of MDF wood fiber.

mdf thin textured wall panels
They are very thin and lightweight.

spray primer for textured wall panels
As shown in above pic, they came in the natural MDF color so I 
started by priming with Rustoleum spray primer in white.

painting textured wall panels before installation
I decided to go with neutral white in semi gloss and rolled on
a couple of coats after the primer.

diy installing textured wall panels csi
To install, we drew out a level line vertically and horizontally and marked lightly
with a pencil. I'm only using 9 of the 10 panels to create a 
background of a large square on my wall, 3 panels across and 3 panels tall.

Of course you can create an entire wall or just a focal area with these panels
which would look amazing, but for my purposes, I'm going with a 
large square.

textured mdf wall panels
To apply to the wall, you apply construction adhesive to the backs and 
press into place. Since you started with a level line, it all goes pretty quickly
as you butt them up next to each other. We used Liquid Nails to apply ours.

If I were applying a focal area like this in the home, I would
probably frame the entire piece in wood for a finished look but
in this case, the edges won't be seen.

spray painted nails to disguise them
For my wall, I intend on placing the majority of my nails in the 
middle seam to camouflage holes. I spray painted a few nails white so 
that if any happened to be captured in a video, they won't be noticeable.

csi wall panels textured wall panels
The textured design looks great.

crab mosaic on textured wall
I tested it out by hanging my latest crab mosaic.

csi wall panels on gallery wall
I'm so happy with the look. It's clean, yet interesting and unobtrusive
for photographing my mosaics and the best more 
nail holes and smudges.

Visit my new online store featuring mosaic art and coastal style ornaments. 
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February 4, 2017

Abstract and Colorful Flower Paintings and Mini Paintings

colorful dragonfly painting
Happy 2017!

I started this year by lightening up and having a little fun with 
some colorful paintings.

dragonfly with graffiti wings
I've worked with layering paint to create designs before like this

distressed table leg dragonfly
show how to create this look using a block of wood and paint.

recycled architectural angel sculpture with layered paint finish
I used the same block painting technique on this 
recycled architectural angel to give it an antique feel.

A few months ago while in bed with a cold, I watched 
Carrie Schmitt Surprise Garden online video course. 
It's about an hour long and well worth the $20 bucks.
It gets your mind flowing about different ways to utilize
paint layering techniques.

colorful bug paintings
I started with these three.
They were painted on 16 x 16 cradled wood panels that I made.
See the video on my You Tube Channel.

scarab beetle painting

colorful flower painting

textured gold leaf beetle painting

textured dragonfly painting
A dragonfly...

fun, colorful dragonfly painting
I added gold metal leafing for a little sparkle.

colorful flower painting
It's fun seeing what direction the painting takes you.

abstract dragonfly painting
Second dragonfly (sold)

flower and vine painting

colorful flower painting
I love the colors and texture in these.

textured abstract flower paintings
This pair is made on 12 x 24 canvas. Sold individually but 
they look great together. See them in my shop or check them 
out on You Tube.

whimsical flowers
Lots of orange and pinks in this flower painting.

layered paint flowers

textured painting

whimsical flower paintings
Perfect for the colorful home, a nursery or girl's room.

abstract layered paint

abstract flowers

Fresh Art...
Oh! I just added these adorable mini paintings to the shop too.
They are 4" x 4" canvases, include a mini wood easel and 
FREE First Class shipping.
See them all under "mini paintings" section in my shop.

mini dragonfly painting
The perfect size for a desk, bedside, dresser or shelf and just right
for gift giving.

gift wrap option
Thanks for taking a look!

Visit my new online store featuring mosaic art and coastal style ornaments. 
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