Table Leg Butterfly Decoupaged with a Vintage Print, Pink Fleur De Lis Butterfly and Dragonflies, Zebra Dragonfly, Flower Dragonfly

table leg butterfly with vintage print
It's spring time and I've been adding a few table leg butterflies and dragonflies 
to my Etsy shop, they make great Mother's Day gifts! ;)

vintage lady in red dress print
When I was taking picture frames apart to use for my Picture Molding Christmas Trees
this print was in one of them and I just couldn't throw it away.

decoupaged table leg butterfly wings
I decided to decoupage parts of the image to my butterfly wings.
I left the edges rough and added painted gold swirls.
The print had some creases and imperfections but I think
that only adds more character to this piece.

recycled butterfly general finishes milk paint
Gosh I love that paint. It goes on so smooth and distresses beautifully.

I cut and bent an embossed serving fork for the antenna
and added glass bead eyes...

recycled butterfly art sculpture
Along with more huge glass beads and metal pieces at the tail.

mixed media butterfly sculpture art
I love how she turned out!
Since it's decoupaged, it's indoor use only on this butterfly.

mixed media butterfly sculpture
I created a few more of the pink and fleur de lis designs.
This design is definitely one of my most popular.

recycled shower curtain rings mixed media
I used glass bead eyes and beaded antenna, aka... shower curtain hooks.
She's already sold.

repurposed table leg dragonfly and butterfly art
I also made two dragonflies in the same design...

hand painted dragonfly
This pink dragonfly has a loooong swirled spindle body with
a wooden finial at the tail

pink fleur de lis Parisian designs

ceramic knob peacock
It has a bird design ceramic knob at the tail...

table leg spindle dragonfly wall art
It also has a seashell button and embossed metal antenna.

dragonflies recycled garden art
This pair was a custom order...

table leg recycled garden art
She wanted one bright and colorful...

table leg dragonfly recycled art with flowers
I painted a striped background with a big pink flower
and swirling vines and leaves.

repurposed recycled art table leg dragonfly
fun seashell and glass bead eyes with swirly antenna...

table leg dragonfly body
I added a ceramic knob at the tail and white upholstery tack
"polka dots" on the body

table leg dragonfly with layered paint wings
The other one had a layered paint finish on the wings...

spindle dragonfly with recycled elements
Corrugated metal eyes and a vintage sliding lock.

spindle zebra dragonfly recycled art
I also made this zebra dragonfly with a distressed turquoise body

embossed metal on table leg dragonfly
I added embossed metal on the body. I found a roll of it 
at Hobby Lobby 

spindle dragonfly turquoise
Another embossed metal strip at the bottom

table leg dragonfly with zebra wings and turquoise body
Thanks for checking out all my new designs!

Swing by the Etsy shop to see what's new
and visit me on Facebook and Pinterest too!

Mermaid Wall Art New Design with Sea Shells, Crushed Glass and Crushed Shells

vertical mermaid with shells and starfish wall art
I wanted to share my latest mermaid design with you.
Actually I created it towards the end of last year and I'm 
just now getting around to blogging about her!

large mermaid wall art with crushed shells and glass
This is the original style of mermaid I created years ago. 
I've since made this style in 2 other sizes and all sorts of combinations
but I wanted to offer another version as well and it was a lot of fun
coming up with the design.

hand made mermaid wall art for beach house
I've been making her in the same style with lots of texture and 
shells in her hair...

mosaic of seashells and sea glass
I use lots of mixed shells, with or without crushed glass chips...

hand made mermaid with shells and starfish
She holds a large textured starfish...

small mermaid with seashells and starfish
I ended up making a small version of this mermaid as well.

2 sizes of mermaid wall art with sea shells
Not the greatest pic, but you can see the difference in size.

mermaid wall art beach house art
She's available in the glass and shell combo, all shells or all glass too.

sea shell mosaic on mermaid tail
The shells are so beautiful!

I recently hit the seashell mother lode on Craigslist so I'm set with 
sea shells for a while.
They were all cleaned and organized, I was pretty excited!

mermaid wall art
If you are ever in Santa Rosa Beach, Florida, I usually have 
mermaids displayed in a shop called Pieces of Paradise so 
stop by and see them in person.

seashell mosaic mermaid
Thank you so much for stopping by to check out my mermaids!

See all the styles and lots more in my Etsy Shop,
visit me on Facebook and Pinterest too

Hand Painted Wood Bunny Rabbit Sculptures in Reversible Designs of Black and White Checks, Textures, Harlequin and More

hand painted rabbit sculptures
I just finished these fun hand painted rabbits painted with different 
whimsical designs on each side...reversible bunnies!

unfinished wooden bunnies
I actually started them a couple of months ago but then I had to start
packing to move to another home and they got put aside.

I drew out my own pattern, cut them out of plywood and 
mounted on strips of wood so they would be free standing.

Easter black and white checked bunny rabbits decor
I made three pairs of them. This pair has black and cream checks
on one side...

textured damask designs bunny easter decor
They have a textured design made with stencil and spackle on the other side.
If you aren't sure how to do that, check out 
this textured dragonfly wing post to see the process.

hand painted bunny rabbits with black and white checks and ribbon
You can use them with the matching sides showing or 
mix them up.

harlequin bunny rabbit

hand painted striped bunny rabbit
Berry and golden yellow stripes with more dots on the other side.

hand painted whimsical easter decor bunny rabbit
They all have painted metal flowers at the necks and painted bases.

hand painted green and white checked bunny rabbit sculpture

hand painted textured bunny Easter
And more of the textured damask look on the other side.

Easter bunny rabbits hand painted sculptures
I can see any of these little works of art on a Spring or Easter Table, 
in an entryway, a little girls room, kitchen or anywhere for a pop of color.

hand painted textured Easter bunny rabbit
All the bases have dots and stripes... 

hand painted whimsical colorful Easter bunnies
With painted edges...

Spring and Easter bunny rabbit decor
Striped ribbons at the necks...

large metal flowers on hand painted Easter bunnies
And whimsical metal flowers at the necks.
So fun!

hand painted wooden Easter Spring bunny rabbit decor
Thanks so much for checking out my painted bunnies!

Find them and lots more in my Etsy shop or find me on Pinterest.
If you follow me on Facebook you already know that
on Thursday, I got married! :) 

getting married under a magnolia tree
We actually knew each other waaaay back in high school in a small town in Alabama,
 and never saw each other again until 2 1/2 years ago when we connected on Facebook!
We both knew "something" was there from that moment and have been inseparable
since then. We married at our local courthouse under a huge magnolia tree.
Most perfect, happiest day ever!

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