Table Leg Dragonflies with Stained Glass Mosaic Wings, Yellow Fleur De Lis Wings, Graffiti Wings, Glass Beaded Wings, a Chair Leg Butterfly and More

table leg dragonfly with stained glass mosaic wings
I have a few new table leg dragonflies and one butterfly to share
with you. I haven't kept many in stock in my Etsy shop 
lately since I've been busy with other projects, but I still
make them to order.
Click the email icon under my photo or contact me 
through my Etsy shop if you would like to discuss an order :)

stained glass mosaic dragonfly
This mosaic winged dragonfly was one of those custom orders.

mosaic dragonfly
I added glass bead eyes and embossed metal antenna.

stained glass mosaic table leg dragonfly
Since I was making her order, I made another
mosaic dragonfly for my Etsy shop as well.

colorful whimsical ceramic knob on dragonfly
I added a colorful ceramic knob at the tail...

mosaic dragonfly with glass bead eyes
I gave her pink glass bead eyes and repurposed beaded shower
curtain hooks for the antenna.

mosaic dragonfly
They both had the most beautiful iridescent glass that catches
the light on the wings.

table leg dragonfly art mosaic wings
I photographed them outside but these are strictly indoor use
since the base for the wings is plywood. Mosaic on top
of plywood will not hold up in wet weather.

I also had an order for a fleur de lis design in yellow.

fleur de lis dragonfly
The fleur de lis dragonfly in Pink is one of my most popular designs
and my customer liked the design but needed it in yellow.

pink fleur de lis table leg butterfly art
I've made this design many times in dragonflies and butterflies,
click the "pink parisian" category to see all of them.

yellow fleur de lis dragonfly
I added a little bit of green around the edges as well.

colorful ceramic knob
I added a coordinating ceramic knob at the tail...

table leg dragonfly
I used the little ceramic knobs I saved from my country cabinet makeover
for his eyes and added a strip of metal at the neck.

colorful table leg dragonflies
I also had an order for a set of three in yellow, blue and green.

blue textured wing table leg dragonfly
The blue one had the textured design on the wings, washed 
with brown to bring out all the detail.

blue table leg dragonfly
I added blue glass bead eyes and a chippy blue painted door latch on the body.

blue dragonfly wings art
Wing detail.

hand made yellow dragonfly
For the yellow one, I layered wood cutouts on the wings for dimension.

dragonfly art
I added a piece of a lamp harp for antenna and a 
rusty metal flower on the body.

green art dragonfly
The green one had scrolled wings...

glass knob
With an amber glass knob at the tail...

repurposing jingle bells into art
For the eyes, I repurposed metal jingle bells by opening
them up with needle nose pliers and bending the edges.
They look like little flowers!

metal flower on dragonfly art
I added another metal flower on the body, and wire antenna.

graffiti table leg dragonfly
I also had an order for one of my graffiti design dragonflies
but with a blue background

graffiti inspired table leg dragonfly art
You can see all the graffiti designs I've made in the past by clicking
the "graffiti" category

table leg dragonfly
I used more of the little knobs from my country
cabinet makeover and an aged metal drawer pull on the body.

beaded wing table leg dragonfly
A beaded wing dragonfly was my next order.
I've made lots of different versions of the beaded wing dragonflies before

glass bead wing dragonfly
I've even written a tutorial on how to make your
You can always click on the "beaded wing" category to 
see even more examples.

hand painted blue chair leg butterfly
Last up was a birthday gift for one of my 
sweet sisters.
I used the same wing shape I created for the 

colorful ceramic knob
I added a colorful ceramic knob at the tail...

hand painted blue butterfly wings
She loves pinks, aquas and purples with fun swirly designs.

blue and aqua chair leg butterfly
I added big purple flowers...

chair leg butterfly art
and swirly antenna with green glass beads.

hand painted recycled chair leg butterfly art
Hanging in her bedroom :)

large textured angel wings wall art
This is the same sister that inspired me to create my
I love you Shirley!

Thanks so much for visiting and reading about my dragonflies!
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Hand Painted Country Cabinet Furniture Makeover, From Country to Colorful and Funky Using Recycled and Repurposed Elements

painted furniture country cabinet before and after
Here's a fun little makeover I did recently for my home.

wooden country cabinet makeover
You might remember from another post that I remarried in March
so we we've been busy combining our households, getting rid of things or purchasing new 
things and, in this case, revamping a few too. 

wooden country cabinet makeover
This wooden cabinet was something my husband has had for
a long time and he gave me the go ahead to do whatever I wanted to it.
It's a sturdy piece and I thought it had potential to become something more our style... 

wooden country cabinet makeover
Because the little country house isn't going to cut it!
No offense if this is your style, it's just not for me :) 

Starting from the bottom, this is what I did...and didn't do!

adding wooden elements to cabinet
I had the idea to add a curvy corner piece and cut the door to fit it,
so I did that, but... 

large vintage corbel
After it was all mounted and the door cut, I realized how much better
THIS corbel would work, so I changed them out... and yes
I had already glued and screwed the previous piece into place.

cutting cabinet door to match corbel insert
Here is the new corbel, luckily, it's larger so it didn't really
affect my new cuts in the door. I like this version much better.

This is a very old corbel so it probably is coated with lead paint, I left it
as is and dry brushed a few colors on top of it then sealed with poly.

I didn't really have an exact plan on colors so I just played and  
layered colors as I went.

using recycled house numbers in furniture makeover
For the drawer, I had a large, rusty and aged metal house number "0"
so I cut an opening in the drawer to match the number and 
attached it as the "drawer pull". Someone on my Facebook page
said it looked like a mouth...and it kind of does! LOL 

funky painted striped wooden cabinet
I painted the sides in stripes and the inside in a deep purpley pink,
I think that color looks great with the turquoise drawer front.

using recycled clock hands in furniture makeover
Right above the drawer, I cut out the little area on the back
just to mix it up and have another area to add a fun element. 

metal plaque in cabinet makeover
I had this metal plaque, the kind you hang on the wall, 
and I used it to fill that open area. 

funky elements, repurposed and recycled furniture
I simply screwed it in from the back and left it pretty much the same color.

door cut out on cabinet makeover
For the doors, I removed the inserts, with the country hearts on them, (ugh)....

giant metal clock hands
I had a pair of large decorative metal clock hands and thought 
they would be fun as the inserts...

colorful cabinet before and after
I turned them different directions and mounted from the inside.

colorful painted cabinet door with metal insert
I decided to paint the inside of the cabinet behind the doors
in layered turquoise and aqua colors.

using thumbtacks, fun uses for thumbtacks, thumbtacks as design
I edged the fronts of the shelves in thumbtacks, painted right over them in turquoise,
washed with brown and wiped off the excess.

Have I mentioned how much I love thumbtacks? Oh yeah, just a few times... 
...just to name a few.
Search for "thumbtacks" on my blog, you'll see...they are totally underrated.

hand painted knobs, whimsical, colorful
The original doors had cute little white porcelain knobs that I removed,
(of course I saved them, they are perfect dragonfly eyes), but I wanted
something more colorful, and I wanted them in a different spot on the door.

hand painted drawer pulls makeover
I had a colorful ceramic knob I wanted to use...just one, but of course I needed two. 
So I painted a pair of wooden finials in the style of the ceramic knob and coated with
 glossy Rustoleum Laquer for a ceramic look.
They are much more shiny than this photo is showing.

funky pediment on cabinet using repurposed and recycled elements
For the very top of the cabinet, I wanted a pediment of some sort.
I had half a clock face leftover from one of my colorful architectural angels
and that was my jumping off point, needed something else...

wood look resin plaques
This is a set of resin plaques I used to have hanging on my wall.
I decided to incorporate part of it as well, so I cut it apart...

carved wood look pieces cut from a wall plaque
It actually cut pretty easily with the jigsaw and I left it the same color
and touched up the cut ends with paint.

funky, eco art, using recycled pieces on furniture
I attached the resin piece with glue to the clock face and secured
the whole shebang to the top of the cabinet.

adding fun wooden elements to furniture pieces
I also added a little carved wooden piece from a chair to this top area. 

wood carved fragment drawer pull
The "knob" for the bottom door is literally a fragment from another
carved wooden piece and I brushed on turquoise paint over the 
original brown finish.

hand painted wooden cabinet with curvy door cutout
I attached to the door with a little screw...

painted inside of cabinet with stripes
I painted the inside of the bottom door as well as the 
inside of the cabinet and added a few stripes on the shelf edge.

hand painted layered paint finish
I added lots of layers of color to the front of the cabinet door.

hand painted colorful cabinet with black and white stripes
In my mind, when painting colorful pieces, I think they can all benefit
from a touch of black, or a black and white combo. I use the black and white
checks and stripes a lot in my pieces and this was no exception.
I added stripes in the middle...

black and white stripes on hand painted cabinet
On little side "support" pieces I added...

striped furniture leg
On the insides of the legs...
There's really no place left unpainted on this piece! 

hand painted yellow furniture
Like I mentioned, I ended up layering different colors on the whole
piece, sanding a bit or wiping off as I went to get a nice aged effect.

layered paint colorful cabinet makeover
I also washed everything with thinned brown paint and wiped off to tone
it all down.

painted hinges
I wasn't super careful when combining and layering the colors,
I wanted a whimsical, artsy look.

hand painted colorful cabinet makeover
So there you have it...

hand painted funky cabinet makeover, whimsical, colorful, recycled
Country to funky.

recycled and painted cabinet makeover
Thank you so much for reading about my cabinet makeover!

Find me on Facebook, Pinterest, or swing by my
Etsy shop to see what's new!

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